New tower-defense game: Yarr-Wars! (Work in progress title)

Over the past few months, development on a new project has taken flight. The concept is a new type of game; location based tower defense. The difference in this respect is a ‘tower’ location based on a user’s movement in the real world, whereas the location of the defending unit is based on the user’s actual real world location.

Many challenges reside within this concept, which we are dealing with as they cross our paths. The challenges mostly require solutions within the actual gaming concept, rather than being technical issues.

The current development focus is on the engine ‘under the hood’, therefore developing the core aspects of the gaming engine and in addition setting up the architecture.

Over the next few months we’ll post updates on the blog and share the challenges we come across, as well as explaining the game concept in more detail as it is being developed.

To give you a glimpse of the current work in progress, check out the screenshots!

yarr-wars 1




Encounter at sea!


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